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Chief Research Analyst Jerica D. Washington, MBA, CPCE & Notary Public.

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Professionally Independent Paralegal services to knit the neighborhood together. 100% wrap around non-lawyer services. Notary Public. Conflict Resolution. Discover your role in American law through role playing to navigate your day in court; Ensure compliance with American court process and procedures; Taking an interest in civic welfare, to promote good governance and self-governance.


To attain equity with the citizenry, by encouraging a strong attitude of nativity in adult citizens.

Paralegal services support practicing attorneys.

Additionally, the law libraries around the United States of America, deliver the use of prescribed laws, rules and regulations every day. Unfortunately, every day an adult citizen, a family or a neighbor is at risk of missing that delivery. Sometimes even, the issue disappears without a thorough review of any non-lawyer needs.

Non-lawyer services meet the need to polish the language in policy, procedures and contracts.

The Point

A Professionally Independent Paralegal is a non-lawyer services provider focused on the betterment of societal goals.

Non-lawyer services involve skilled research and analysis; knowledge of policy and procedures; and is deeply rooted in the principle of self-governance.

It's more reasonable to encourage adults to partner with a lawyer after a thorough review of non-lawyer service's needs.

Business Model

Per Diem services involve a standard agreement and completion of the work. $500 per diem rate

On average, family life is improved 1% by effective delivery of non-lawyer services.

Washington Research and Legal Analysis is lead and operated by a certified community professional of excellence.

Chief Research Analyst Jerica D. Washington, MBA, CPCE & Notary Public.
Founded in 2016 in Fall River, MA
Serves individuals, small business, and medium sized businesses.
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